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Living life on life's terms means living through life's as it comes . You might be angry, upset, and stressed but it can't last for long. Because nothing is permanent. This is very important to do, because how we feel about our life and work affects not only us but also everyone around us. We can make this happen by starting today.

  • # Dream a Little.
  • # Consider where you are.
  • # Think about the past.
  • # Assess your options.
  • # Talk to winners.
  • # Team up and take action.

"Life On Life's Terms"

Ego is one of the defects that comes out, when we have substantial clean time or when we get a service position and let it go to our heads..!!

image "Let Go Let God"

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Hope is an emotion that is characterized by strong desires for certain outcomes to happen. Hope is an emotion that drives humans to achieve their goals. It provides the sense of purpose so they can work towards it. It is not only the desire for something good but determination to achieve something good even if you have to face many difficulties along the way…!!

image "Faith Without Action is Dead"

Yes it is right that everyone is a winner. This is because it just depends on my thinking that if I make up my mind to win I would and if I don't want to I won't. It just depends on thinking of one's own.

Everyone in this world has lost and won something or anything but we don't remember what we have won.

If I assume myself as loser then I will become the loser and if I would assume myself as winner I will become the winner and no one can stop me from winning the thing I want.

So always think what you won and what you have to win, leaving behind what you lost.

"Stick To The Winner"

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Mom Speaks I’ve always thought that I should rush things. It’s like time is always running out. But as I rush myself into things, I always end up repeating what I started. I never get to finish because I do two things at the same time making it hard for me to focus.

I believed that I should live as if it would be my last day on Earth. But would that be a good or bad thing for me? I guess I took that the wrong way. Everything in my life was rushed. I want to achieve my dreams faster, but for that, I should take one step at a time. I heard this song and I found out that this really suits me. “Take one step at a time, there’s no need to rush”.

I realized that I still have time, don’t I? Making things happen would require hard work. But of course if I do things one step at a time, I will surely finish things, probably not altogether but at least one at a time. “It’s going to happen, it’s supposed to happen and you’ll find the reason why, one step at a time”.

I know that if I focus my attention to one thing, I would accomplish it. After that, move on to the next box on your bucket list of things to be accomplished.

"One Step At A Time"

When we say something or perform any action, it gives a reflection of our thoughts.First man thinks and then he acts accordingly. Hence the importance of thinking big is quite evident.

Simply gazing at the sky won’t take one to the sky. But gazing at the sky followed by thinking how to reach it will one day get him there. Thinking inspires seeking, striving and struggling, which in turn lead to achieving the goal. So the more one thinks the more he gets; the more one ponders over the more he unearths. Deep thinking dredges out the depth.

So if we want to achieve big success, we must start thinking big. We must always remember thoughts are things. Positive thoughts are the most powerful things of the world. But big or positive thinking must be followed by positive actions.

"Action Is The Masic Word"

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